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don't raise NoMethodError the tried method doesn't exists

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1 parent f674aed commit 29a5aeaae976bf8432d57ec996c7c81932a39de6 @dmathieu dmathieu committed May 21, 2011
@@ -28,6 +28,8 @@ class Object
def try(*a, &b)
if a.empty? && block_given?
yield self
+ elsif !a.empty? && !respond_to?(a.first)
+ nil
__send__(*a, &b)
@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@ def setup
def test_nonexisting_method
method = :undefined_method
assert !@string.respond_to?(method)
- assert_raise(NoMethodError) { @string.try(method) }
+ assert_nil @string.try(method)
def test_valid_method

7 comments on commit 29a5aea


laserlemon replied Oct 5, 2011

Could somebody please explain this change?

As I understand it, the purpose of Object#try is to call a method on an object of an expected class, but that could also be nil. In what situation would you want to silently avoid a NoMethodError? If I'm trying a method that doesn't exist in my expected class, I should know about it.


dmathieu replied Oct 5, 2011

On STI objects where you might have methods defined for some records, but not for others for example.


josevalim replied Oct 5, 2011


jonleighton replied Oct 5, 2011

Agreed, I think we should revert this.


alindeman replied Oct 6, 2011

-1 to this change as well. It's not acceptable to radically change the behavior at this point.


josevalim replied Oct 6, 2011


arunagw replied Oct 6, 2011

This commit 587dd7d also need to revert the fix the failing test. Or might need a fix!

587dd7d commit is not having test.

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