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@@ -8,14 +8,7 @@ production machines next time you deploy.
Active Record tracks which migrations have already been run so all you have to
do is update your source and run +rake db:migrate+. Active Record will work out
-which migrations should be run by checking the hidden +schema_migrations+ database
-table, which is created automatically after the initial invocaton of +rake db:migrate+.
-+schema_migrations+ contains a sole column named +versions+ that holds the timestamps
-that are preappended to generated Active Record migrations. Each timestamp
-contained in +schema_migrations+ indicate that the migration associated with the
-timestamp has previously been invoked, and does not need to be run on future
-+rake db:migrate+ invocations. Active Record will also update your +db/schema.rb+
-file to match the up-to-date structure of your database.
+which migrations should be run. Active Record will also update your +db/schema.rb+ file to match the up-to-date structure of your database.
Migrations also allow you to describe these transformations using Ruby. The
great thing about this is that (like most of Active Record's functionality) it

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