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@@ -212,12 +212,17 @@ Run the model generator and tell it to generate a +Comment+ model, with the rela
$ rails generate model Comment post_id:integer text:text
- invoke active_record
- create db/migrate/[timestamp]_create_blorgh_comments.rb
- create app/models/blorgh/comment.rb
- invoke test_unit
- create test/unit/blorgh/comment_test.rb
- create test/fixtures/blorgh/comments.yml
+This will output the following:
+invoke active_record
+create db/migrate/[timestamp]_create_blorgh_comments.rb
+create app/models/blorgh/comment.rb
+invoke test_unit
+create test/unit/blorgh/comment_test.rb
+create test/fixtures/blorgh/comments.yml
This generator call will generate just the necessary model files it needs, namespacing the files under a +blorgh+ directory and creating a model class called +Blorgh::Comment+.

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