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@@ -531,21 +531,28 @@ and change the `create` action to look like this:
def create
- @post =[:post])
+ @post =
- redirect_to @post
+ redirect_to @post
+ def post_params
+ params.require(:post).permit(:title, :text)
+ end
Here's what's going on: every Rails model can be initialized with its
respective attributes, which are automatically mapped to the respective
database columns. In the first line we do just that (remember that
-`params[:post]` contains the attributes we're interested in). Then,
+`post_params` contains the attributes we're interested in). Then,
`` is responsible for saving the model in the database.
Finally, we redirect the user to the `show` action,
which we'll define later.
+TIP: Note that `def post_params` is private. This new approach prevents an attacker from setting the model’s attributes by manipulating the hash passed to the model. For more information, refer to [this blog post about Strong Parameters](
TIP: As we'll see later, `` returns a boolean indicating
whether the model was saved or not.

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