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@@ -92,8 +92,13 @@ Keep in mind that the order of these pre-processors is important. For example, i
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 h4. Compressing Assets
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-WIP: Compressed Assets in Rails are served ... how? 
+The default Gemfile also includes the "uglifier": gem. This gem wraps "UglifierJS": (written for NodeJS) in Ruby. It compress your code by removing white spaces and other magical things like changing your if and else statements to ternary operators when possible. 
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 h4. Adding Assets to Your Gems
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+To include your assets inside of a gem, simple package it in +lib/assets+ as you would in +app/assets+. You should append or prepend the name of your gem though, this should help avoid name conflicts with other gems or the user's application.
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 h4. Making Your Library or Gem a Pre-Processor
+"You should be able to register [your gems] on Tilt and Sprockets will find them." - Josh 

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