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@@ -205,3 +205,34 @@ There are two simple steps for fixing the CI:
2. Fix it
Repeat these steps until the CI is green.
+=== Manually trigger docs generation
+We have a post-receive hook in GitHub that calls the docs server on pushes.
+Triggers generation and publication of edge docs, updates the contrib app,
+and generates and publishes stable docs if a new stable tag is detected.
+The hook unfortunately is not invoked by tag pushing, so once the new stable
+tag has been pushed to origin, please run
+ curl -X POST -d ''
+You should see something like this:
+ Rails master hook tasks scheduled:
+ * updates the local checkout
+ * updates Rails Contributors
+ * generates and publishes edge docs
+ If a new stable tag is detected it also
+ * generates and publishes stable docs
+ This needs typically a few minutes.
+Note you do not need to specify the tag, the docs server figures it out.
+Also, don't worry if you call that multiple times or the hook is triggered
+again by some immediate regular push, if the scripts are running new calls
+are just queued (in a queue of size 1).

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