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AS::Callbacks remove useless code, improve performance

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commit 30b31f51af6f7094c4a27b086755fc66c368d6fa 1 parent 4edb497
@bogdan bogdan authored
Showing with 3 additions and 16 deletions.
  1. +3 −16 activesupport/lib/active_support/callbacks.rb
19 activesupport/lib/active_support/callbacks.rb
@@ -328,26 +328,17 @@ module ClassMethods
# if it was not yet defined.
# This generated method plays caching role.
def __define_callbacks(kind, object) #:nodoc:
- name = __callback_runner_name(kind)
+ chain = object.send("_#{kind}_callbacks")
+ name = "_run_callbacks_#{chain.object_id}"
unless object.respond_to?(name, true)
- str = object.send("_#{kind}_callbacks").compile
class_eval <<-RUBY_EVAL, __FILE__, __LINE__ + 1
- def #{name}() #{str} end
+ def #{name}() #{chain.compile} end
protected :#{name}
- def __reset_runner(symbol)
- name = __callback_runner_name(symbol)
- undef_method(name) if method_defined?(name)
- end
- def __callback_runner_name(kind)
- "_run__#{}__#{kind}__callbacks"
- end
# This is used internally to append, prepend and skip callbacks to the
# CallbackChain.
@@ -359,7 +350,6 @@ def __update_callbacks(name, filters = [], block = nil) #:nodoc:
([self] + ActiveSupport::DescendantsTracker.descendants(self)).reverse.each do |target|
chain = target.send("_#{name}_callbacks")
yield target, chain.dup, type, filters, options
- target.__reset_runner(name)
@@ -447,12 +437,9 @@ def reset_callbacks(symbol)
chain = target.send("_#{symbol}_callbacks").dup
callbacks.each { |c| chain.delete(c) }
target.send("_#{symbol}_callbacks=", chain)
- target.__reset_runner(symbol)
self.send("_#{symbol}_callbacks=", callbacks.dup.clear)
- __reset_runner(symbol)
# Define sets of events in the object lifecycle that support callbacks.

13 comments on commit 30b31f5


Never though object_id could be negative. We should do abs in there.


@bogdan wouldn't it be better to tr '-' into '_' ? I know that's highly unlikely, but abs could give the same object_id as other object. I don't know what are the chances, though, maybe that's something that we can ignore.


Yep when I first saw this I thought the same thing @drogus is mentioning. @bogdan can you provide a PR to fix this? thanks :)


I doubt that it will change performance in any meaningful way:

>> Benchmark.measure { 1_000_000.times { "_run__#{no}___callbacks".tr("-", "_") } }.to_s
=> "  1.310000   0.000000   1.310000 (  1.324470)\n"
>> Benchmark.measure { 1_000_000.times { "_run__#{no.abs}___callbacks" } }.to_s
=> "  0.690000   0.000000   0.690000 (  0.700540)\n"

That said, if that's the way this code worked, I guess it can stay with abs.


Yeah, performance should not matter in this case because this is run just once per class in the app lifecycle. We should just have a patch and fix the build asap.


@josevalim Unfortunatelly this is not true. Runner method name is build every time #run_callbacks is called. Performance matter here.


Good idea. But if cache will be done in instance variable - this will require to flush the cache in initialize_dup or thing like this so that dup object won't share runner method name


@bogdan this commit make the Active Model suite to brake sometimes. Reverting this commit all the tests pass.

I used this script to run the suite many times.

With this commit: 50 times, 3 failures
Without this commit: 100 times, 0 failures

Could you investigate?



Can you share some additional information with me:

  • a failure message
  • what are your thoughts on the reason
  • how did you detect this issue?

Thanks for detecting this. Can't even imagine how hard it could be to detect.


These are some examples of broken builds:


These errors started on the same day that we merged this commit, but we don't started to investigate, so I tried to revert this commit today because I thought it was the only reason to make the validations tests break, because we don't changed anything related with validations.

I think that we are getting callbacks name collision, and one of reason to this thought is this failure:

unexpected invocation: #<ActiveModel::Errors:0x9cbc5c4>.generate_message(:title, :accepted, {})
unsatisfied expectations:
- expected exactly once, not yet invoked: #<ActiveModel::Errors:0x9cbc5c4>.generate_message(:title, :less_than, {:value => 1, :count => 0})
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