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Added save! which raises ResourceInvalid unless valid?

Similar to Active Record - it will raise ActiveResouce::ResourceInvalid if
the resource is not valid (ie if <tt>valid?</tt> returns false)

However - does not raise ActiveResource::ResourceNotFound if the callbacks
fail (callbacks have not yet been implemented) - it will just try to save
and raise if the callbacks all fail.

This is not ideal behaviour - but will do until we decide to change the
behaviour of save_with_validations to actually raise (rather than catch) the
ResourceInvalid exception.

Signed-off-by: Joshua Peek <>
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taryn authored and josh committed Aug 19, 2009
1 parent 4dc05bc commit 328ba3b333777bbc1269cbe0e9f590c845006c9d
@@ -893,6 +893,23 @@ def dup
def save
new? ? create : update
# Saves the resource.
# If the resource is new, it is created via +POST+, otherwise the
# existing resource is updated via +PUT+.
# With <tt>save!</tt> validations always run. If any of them fail
# ActiveResource::ResourceInvalid gets raised, and nothing is POSTed to
# the remote system.
# See ActiveResource::Validations for more information.
# There's a series of callbacks associated with <tt>save!</tt>. If any
# of the <tt>before_*</tt> callbacks return +false+ the action is
# cancelled and <tt>save!</tt> raises ActiveResource::ResourceInvalid.
def save!
save || raise(
# Deletes the resource from the remote service.
@@ -654,7 +654,13 @@ def test_custom_header
def test_save
rick =
assert_equal true,
assert_equal '5',
def test_save!
rick =
assert_equal '5',
@@ -23,9 +23,15 @@ def test_validates_presence_of
assert, "should have saved after fixing the validation, but had: #{p.errors.inspect}"
def test_fails_save!
p = new_project(:name => nil)
assert_raise(ActiveResource::ResourceInvalid) {! }
def test_validate_callback
# we have a callback ensuring the description is longer thn three letters
# we have a callback ensuring the description is longer than three letters
p = new_project(:description => 'a')
assert !p.valid?, "should not be a valid record when it fails a validation callback"
assert !, "should not have saved an invalid record"

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