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If you want a more complicated expiration scheme, you can use cache sweepers
to expire cached objects when things change. This is covered in the section on Sweepers.
+Note: Page caching ignores all parameters, so /products/list?page=1 will be written out to the filesystem as /products/list.html and if someone requests /products/list?page=2, they will be returned the same result as page=1, so be careful when page caching GET parameters in the URL!
h4. Action Caching
One of the issues with Page Caching is that you cannot use it for pages that
@@ -497,6 +499,12 @@ seriously considering optimizing their caching needs.
Also the new "Cache money": plugin is supposed to be mad cool.
+h3. References
+ * "RailsEnvy, Rails Caching Tutorial, Part 1":
+ * "RailsEnvy, Rails Caching Tutorial, Part 1":
+ * "ActiveSupport::Cache documentation":
+ * "Rails 2.1 integrated caching tutorial":
h3. Changelog
"Lighthouse ticket":

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