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Add missed changelog for table_name_prefix

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commit 36a5e78c14d9c0a929b19939b7841c504ef0467a 1 parent 4072adf
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+*Rails 3.0.0 [Beta 2] (pending)*
+* To prefix the table names of all models in a module, define self.table_name_prefix on the module. #4032 [Andrew White]
* Silenced "SHOW FIELDS" and "SET SQL_AUTO_IS_NULL=0" statements from the MySQL driver to improve log signal to noise ration in development [DHH]
-*Rails 3.0 [Beta] (February 4th, 2010)*
+*Rails 3.0.0 [Beta 1] (February 4th, 2010)*
* PostgreSQLAdapter: set time_zone to UTC when Base.default_timezone == :utc so that Postgres doesn't incorrectly offset-adjust values inserted into TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE columns. #3777 [Jack Christensen]

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