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@@ -172,7 +172,16 @@ module ActiveRecord
# == Transactions
- # The entire callback chain for +save+ and +destroy+ runs within their transaction.
+ # The entire callback chain for +save+ and +destroy+ runs within their transaction, including
+ # the <tt>after_*</tt> hooks. Cancellation does not trigger a rollback. To rollback
+ # the transaction just raise an exception the same way you do for regular transactions.
+ #
+ # Note though that such an exception bypasses the regular call chain in Active Record:
+ # If ActiveRecord::Rollback is raised both +save+ and +destroy+ return +nil+. On the other
+ # hand <tt>save!</tt> does *not* raise ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved, and does not raise
+ # anything else for that matter, <tt>save!</tt> just returns +nil+ in that case.
+ # If any other exception is raised it goes up until it reaches the caller, no matter
+ # which one of the three actions was being performed.
module Callbacks
after_find after_initialize before_save after_save before_create after_create before_update after_update before_validation

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