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NOTE. When using specific annotations and custom annotations, the annotation name (FIXME, BUG etc) is not displayed in the output lines.
+Be default, rake notes will look in the app, config, lib, script and test directories for notes. If you would like to search additional directories,
+simply provide the directories as a comma seperated list in an environment variable +SOURCE_ANNOTATION_DIRECTORIES+.
+$ export SOURCE_ANNOTATION_DIRECTORIES='rspec,vendor'
+$ rake notes
+(in /home/foobar/commandsapp)
+ * [ 35] [FIXME] User should have a subscription at this point
+ * [122] [TODO] Verify the user that has a subscription works
h4. +routes+
+rake routes+ will list all of your defined routes, which is useful for tracking down routing problems in your app, or giving you a good overview of the URLs in an app you're trying to get familiar with.
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