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Added default mime type for CSS (Mime::CSS) [DHH]

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dhh committed Feb 18, 2007
1 parent 2e55095 commit 392c7f7314d196c54912a65981d79002d032f896
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  2. +1 −0 actionpack/lib/action_controller/mime_types.rb
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
+* Added default mime type for CSS (Mime::CSS) [DHH]
* Added that rendering will automatically insert the etag header on 200 OK responses. The etag is calculated using MD5 of the response body. If a request comes in that has a matching etag, the response will be changed to a 304 Not Modified and the response body will be set to an empty string. [DHH]
* Added X-Runtime to all responses with the request run time [DHH]
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
Mime::Type.register "text/plain", :text, [], %w(txt)
Mime::Type.register "text/html", :html, %w( application/xhtml+xml ), %w( xhtml )
Mime::Type.register "text/javascript", :js, %w( application/javascript application/x-javascript )
+Mime::Type.register "text/css", :css
Mime::Type.register "text/calendar", :ics
Mime::Type.register "text/csv", :csv
Mime::Type.register "application/xml", :xml, %w( text/xml application/x-xml )

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