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@@ -105,12 +105,17 @@ mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON activerecord_unittest2.*
to 'rails'@'localhost';
Then ensure you run bundle install without the +--without db+ option:
Now you'll have to install Active Record dependencies. This step is a little tricky because just running +bundle install+ without the +--without db+ parameter won't get those dependencies installed. It turns out that bundler remembers the +--without db+ parameter between calls so you'll have to manually override this. (See the "+bundle_install+ man page": for details)
The easiest way to do this is to remove bundler's config file and then run +install+ again:
rm .bundle/config
bundle install
INFO: If you don't feel comfortable deleting bundler's config file, you can achieve the same effect by manually removing the "+BUNDLE_WITHOUT: db+" line on +.bundle/config+.
Finally, enter this from the +activerecord+ directory to create the test databases:

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