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Update Rails 5 upgrade guides

Adds missing upgrade items to the upgrade guides for Rails 5. Fixes some
typos and whitespace as well.
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Upgrading from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0
### Ruby 2.2.2+
### Ruby 2.2.2+ required
From Ruby on Rails 5.0 onwards, Ruby 2.2.2+ is the only supported version.
Make sure you are on Ruby 2.2.2 version or greater, before you proceed.
From Ruby on Rails 5.0 onwards, Ruby 2.2.2+ is the only supported Ruby version.
Make sure you are on Ruby 2.2.2 version or greater, before you proceed.
### Active Record models now inherit from ApplicationRecord by default
@@ -119,7 +119,7 @@ See [#17227]( for more details.
### ActiveJob jobs now inherit from ApplicationJob by default
In Rails 4.2 an ActiveJob inherits from `ActiveJob::Base`. In Rails 5.0 this
In Rails 4.2 an Active Job inherits from `ActiveJob::Base`. In Rails 5.0 this
behavior has changed to now inherit from `ApplicationJob`.
When upgrading from Rails 4.2 to Rails 5.0 you need to create an
@@ -134,6 +134,135 @@ Then make sure that all your job classes inherit from it.
See [#19034]( for more details.
### Rails Controller Testing
`assigns` and `assert_template` have been extracted to the `rails-controller-testing` gem. To
continue using these methods in your controller tests add `gem 'rails-controller-testing'` to
your Gemfile.
If you are using Rspec for testing please see the extra configuration required in the gem's
### XML Serialization
`ActiveModel::Serializers::Xml` has been extracted from Rails to the `activemodel-serializers-xml`
gem. To continue using XML serialization in your application add `gem 'activemodel-serializers-xml'`
to your Gemfile.
### Removed support for legacy MySQL
Rails 5 removes support for the legacy `mysql` database adapter. Most users should be able to
use `mysql2` instead. It will be converted to a separate gem when we find someone to maintain
### Removed support for debugger
`debugger` is not supported by Ruby 2.2 which is required by Rails 5. Use `byebug` instead.
### Use bin/rails for running tasks and tests
Rails 5 adds the ability to run tasks and tests through `bin/rails` instead of rake. Generally
these changes are in paralell with rake, but some were ported over altogether.
To use the new test runner simply type `bin/rails test`.
rake dev:cache` is now `rails dev:cache
Run `bin/rails` to see the list of commands available.
### `ActionController::Parameters` no longer inherits from `HashWithIndifferentAccess`
Calling `params` in your application will now return an object instead of a hash. If your
parameters are already permitted you will not need to make any changes. If you are using slice
and other methods that depend on being able to read the hash regardless of `permitted?` you will
need to ugrade your application to first permit and then convert to a hash.
params.permit([:proceed_to, :return_to]).to_h
### `protect_from_forgery` now defaults to `prepend: false`
`protect_from_forgery` defaults to `prepend: false` which means that it will be inserted into
the callback chain at the point in which you call it in your application. If you want
`protect_from_forgery` to always run first you should change your application to use
`protect_from_forgery prepend: true`.
### Default template handler is now RAW
Files without a template handler in their extension will be rendered using the raw handler.
Previously Rails would render files using the ERB template handler.
If you do not want your file to be handled via the raw handler, you should add an extension
to your file that can be parsed by the appropriate template handler.
### Add wildcard matching for template dependencies
You can now use wildcard matching for your template dependencies. For example if you were
defining your templates as such:
<% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/subscribers_changed %>
<% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/completed %>
<% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/uncompleted %>
You can now just call the dependency once with a wildcard.
<% # Template Dependency: recordings/threads/events/* %>
### Remove support for `protected_attributes` gem
The `protected_attributes` gem is no longer supported in Rails 5.
### Remove support for `activerecord-deprecated_finders` gem
The `activerecord-deprecated_finders` gem is no longer supported in Rails 5.
### `ActiveSupport::TestCase` default test order is now random
When tests are run in your application the default order is now `:random`
instead of `:sorted`. Use the following config option to set it back to `:sorted`.
# config/environments/test.rb
Rails.application.configure do
config.active_support.test_order = :sorted
### New config options
## Active Record `belongs_to` Required by Default Option
`belongs_to` will now trigger a validation error by default if the association is not present.
This can be turned off per-association with `optional: true`.
This default will will be automatically configured in new applications. If existing application
want to add this feature it will need to be turned on in an initializer.
config.active_record.belongs_to_required_by_default = true
## Allow configuration of Action Mailer queue name
The default mailer queue name is `mailers`. This configuration option allows you to globally change
the queue name. Set the following in your config.
## Support fragment caching in Action Mailer views
Set `config.action_mailer.perform_caching` in your config to determine whether your Action Mailer views
should support caching.
## Configure the output of `db:structure:dump`
If you're using `schema_search_path` or other PostgreSQL extentions, you can control how the schema is
dumped. Set to `:all` to generate all dumps, or `:schema_search_path` to generate from schame search path.
config.active_record.dump_schemas = :all
Upgrading from Rails 4.1 to Rails 4.2

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