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Revert "Edited railties/guides/source/active_support_core_extensions.…

…textile via GitHub"

Reason: The original sentence is correct. Please note the guide
covers the stable version of Active Support.

This reverts commit 5265650.
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commit 3f283c2dd597db2b517edee0cd64cca19abc35b8 1 parent 5265650
@fxn fxn authored
2  railties/guides/source/active_support_core_extensions.textile
@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ Thus, after a simple require like:
require 'active_support'
-objects begin responding to +blank?+. Let's see how to load only its definition.
+objects do not even respond to +blank?+. Let's see how to load its definition.
h5. Cherry-picking a Definition
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