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When files are precompiled, Sprockets also creates a "Gzip": (.gz) version of your assets. This avoids the server having to do this for any requests; it can simply read the compressed files from disc. You must configure your server to use gzip compression and serve the compressed assets that will be stored in the public/assets folder. The following configuration options can be used:
-TODO: Apache instructions
+For Apache:
-TODO: nginx instructions
+<LocationMatch "^/assets/.*$">
+ # 2 lines to serve pre-gzipped version
+ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME}.gz -s
+ RewriteRule ^(.+) $1.gz [L]
+ # without it, Content-Type will be "application/x-gzip"
+ <FilesMatch .*\.css.gz>
+ ForceType text/css
+ </FilesMatch>
+ <FilesMatch .*\.js.gz>
+ ForceType text/javascript
+ </FilesMatch>
+For nginx:
+location ~ ^/(assets)/ {
+ root /path/to/public;
+ gzip_static on; # to serve pre-gzipped version
+ expires max;
+ add_header Cache-Control public;
By default Rails assumes that you have your files precompiled in the production environment, if you want use live compiling (compile your assets during runtime) in production you must set the +config.assets.compile+ to true. You can use this option to fallback to Sprockets when you are using precompiled assets but there are any missing precompiled files. If +config.assets.compile+ option is set to false and there are missing precompiled files you will get an "AssetNoPrecompiledError" indicating the name of the missing file.

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