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@@ -169,10 +169,10 @@ A short rundown of the major features:
class AddSystemSettings < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
create_table :system_settings do |t|
- t.string :name
- t.string :label
- t.text :value
- t.string :type
+ t.string :name
+ t.string :label
+ t.text :value
+ t.string :type
t.integer :position
@@ -289,16 +289,6 @@ Bi-directional associations thanks to the "belongs_to" macro
thirty_seven_signals.firm.nil? # true
-== Examples
-Active Record ships with a couple of examples that should give you a good feel for
-operating usage. Be sure to edit the <tt>examples/shared_setup.rb</tt> file for your
-own database before running the examples. Possibly also the table definition SQL in
-the examples themselves.
-It's also highly recommended to have a look at the unit tests. Read more in link:files/RUNNING_UNIT_TESTS.html
== Philosophy
Active Record attempts to provide a coherent wrapper as a solution for the inconvenience that is
@@ -336,7 +326,7 @@ then use:
% [sudo] gem install activerecord-1.10.0.gem
-You can also install Active Record the old-fashion way with the following command:
+You can also install Active Record the old-fashioned way with the following command:
% [sudo] ruby install.rb
@@ -357,5 +347,5 @@ RubyForge page at And as Jim from Ra
remember to update the corresponding unit tests. If fact, I prefer
new feature to be submitted in the form of new unit tests.
-For other information, feel free to ask on the ruby-talk mailing list
-(which is mirrored to comp.lang.ruby) or contact
+For other information, feel free to ask on the rubyonrails-talk
+( mailing list.

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