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active resource instalation instructions and Licence

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@@ -20,6 +20,16 @@ Model classes are mapped to remote REST resources by Active Resource much the sa
tables. When a request is made to a remote resource, a REST XML request is generated, transmitted, and the result
received and serialized into a usable Ruby object.
+== Download and installation
+The latest version of Active Support can be installed with Rubygems:
+ % [sudo] gem install activeresource
+Source code can be downloaded as part of the Rails project on GitHub
=== Configuration and Usage
Putting Active Resource to use is very similar to Active Record. It's as simple as creating a model class
@@ -160,6 +170,18 @@ Destruction of a resource can be invoked as a class and instance method of the r
Person.delete(2) # => true
Person.exists?(2) # => false
+== License
-You can find more usage information in the ActiveResource::Base documentation.
+Active Support is released under the MIT license.
+== Support
+API documentation is at
+Bug reports and feature requests can be filed with the rest for the Ruby on Rails project here:
+You can find more usage information in the ActiveResource::Base documentation.

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