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[getting started] dialog box is not automatic, is provided through jq…

…uery_ujs, which is necessary to have in application layout
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@@ -1129,11 +1129,14 @@ together.
Here we're using +link_to+ in a different way. We wrap the
-+:action+ and +:id+ attributes in a hash so that we can pass other
-arguments to +link_to+. The +:method+ and +:confirm+
++:action+ and +:id+ attributes in a hash so that we can pass those two keys in
+first as one argument, and then the final two keys as another argument. The +:method+ and +:confirm+
options are used as html5 attributes so that when the click is linked,
Rails will first show a confirm dialog to the user, and then submit the
-link with method +delete+. This is done via javascript automatically.
+link with method +delete+. This is done via the JavaScript file +jquery_ujs+
+which is automatically included into your application's layout
+(+app/views/layouts/application.html.erb+) when you generated the application.
+Without this file, the confirmation dialog box wouldn't appear.
!images/getting_started/confirm_dialog.png(Confirm Dialog)!

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