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It may be confusing to a Rails newbie why "Article" is suddenly being referred to with the "A" being capitalized. Thus far in the guide, the "a" has always been in lowercase. I think it is helpful to point out the reason for this change (especially since not using the capital "A" will result in an error). [ci skip]
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@@ -739,6 +739,8 @@ database columns. In the first line we do just that (remember that
`` is responsible for saving the model in the database. Finally,
we redirect the user to the `show` action, which we'll define later.
+TIP: You might be wondering why the `A` in `` is capitalized above, whereas most other references to articles in this guide have used lowercase. In this context, we are referring to the class named `Article` that is defined in `\models\article.rb`. Class names in Ruby must begin with a capital letter.
TIP: As we'll see later, `` returns a boolean indicating whether
the article was saved or not.

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