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Ruby is a proper noun here, not part of code fragment [ci skip]

Last line of note also relates heavily to first part
and parenthesis broke reading flow.
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@@ -388,9 +388,9 @@ It's inside this class that you'll define methods that will become the actions
for this controller. These actions will perform CRUD operations on the posts
within our system.
-NOTE: There are `public`, `private` and `protected` methods in `Ruby`
-(for more details you can check on [Programming Ruby](
-But only `public` methods can be actions for controllers.
+NOTE: There are `public`, `private` and `protected` methods in Ruby,
+but only `public` methods can be actions for controllers.
+For more details check out [Programming Ruby](
If you refresh <http://localhost:3000/posts/new> now, you'll get a new error:
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