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CI: show bundled gems

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1 parent 86df107 commit 47db62bf8dc380d31f1c106a2cb39b18b7cbf36f @jeremy jeremy committed Feb 6, 2010
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@@ -119,9 +119,8 @@ def rake(*tasks)
puts "[CruiseControl] #{`pg_config --version`}"
puts "[CruiseControl] SQLite3: #{`sqlite3 -version`}"
`gem env`.each_line {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
-# Commented until bundler supports --list again
-# puts "[CruiseControl] Bundled gems:"
-# `gem bundle --list`.each_line {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
+puts "[CruiseControl] Bundled gems:"
+`bundle show`.each_line {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}
puts "[CruiseControl] Local gems:"
`gem list`.each_line {|line| print "[CruiseControl] #{line}"}

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