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Test jdbc adapters by default on jruby

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commit 49afe58d0b25a86cb47386071001ab7108bc5e24 1 parent a5c98bb
@jeremy jeremy authored
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  1. +3 −1 activerecord/Rakefile
4 activerecord/Rakefile
@@ -30,7 +30,9 @@ desc 'Run mysql, sqlite, and postgresql tests by default'
task :default => :test
desc 'Run mysql, sqlite, and postgresql tests'
-task :test => %w(test_mysql test_sqlite3 test_postgresql)
+task :test => defined?(JRUBY_VERSION) ?
+ %w(test_jdbcmysql test_jdbcsqlite3 test_jdbcpostgresql) :
+ %w(test_mysql test_sqlite3 test_postgresql)
for adapter in %w( mysql postgresql sqlite sqlite3 firebird db2 oracle sybase openbase frontbase jdbcmysql jdbcpostgresql jdbcsqlite3 jdbcderby jdbch2 jdbchsqldb )"test_#{adapter}") { |t|
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