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Improve comment about ActiveModel::Model

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@@ -76,11 +76,11 @@ Major Features
### General
- * **ActiveModel::Model** ([commit]( - `ActiveModel::Model` is extracted from ActiveRecord. `ActiveModel::Model` provides validations and `form_for` for normal Ruby objects.
+ * **ActiveModel::Model** ([commit]( - `ActiveModel::Model`, a mixin to make normal Ruby objects to work with ActionPack out of box (ex. for `form_for`)
* **New scope API** ([commit]( - Scopes must always use callables.
* **Schema cache dump** ([commit]( - To improve Rails boot time, instead of loading the schema directly from the database, load the schema from a dump file.
* **Support for specifying transaction isolation level** ([commit]( - Choose whether repeatable reads or improved performance (less locking) is more important.
- * **Dalli** ([commit]( - For the memcache session store, use the Dalli memcache client.
+ * **Dalli** ([commit]( - Use Dalli memcache client for the memcache store.
* **Notifications start & finish** ([commit]( - Active Support instrumentation reports start and finish notifications to subscribers.
* **Thread safe by default** ([commit]( - Rails can run in threaded app servers without additional configuration. Note: Check that the gems you are using are threadsafe.
* **PATCH verb** ([commit]( - In Rails, PATCH replaces PUT. PATCH is used for partial updates of resources.

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