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+== About
+This is Nick's connection pool branch, wherein he attempts to rewrite Rails' connection handling code to
+be more thread-safe, and to add connection pooling features.
+== Goals
+- Preserve Rails' lazy connection acquisition and caching strategy behavior as it exists prior to this work.
+- Add ability to configure a connection pool to limit the number of connections made to a database in multiple-thread scenarios.
+- Threads will block for a configurable timeout if the pool is exhausted until a connection is available.
+- If none is available during the timeout period, an exception will be raised.
+- Add a checkout/checkin API to reserve and release a connection to/from the pool.
+- Add several different connection handling/pooling classes to serve different needs:
+ - proper fixed-size connection pool
+ - connection-per-thread with no maximum on the number of connections
+ - single thread cached connection
+ - pass-through to external connection pool (JRuby/JNDI data source connection pool)
+== TODO
+Remaining tasks:
+- Fixed-size connection pool
+- Add checkin/checkout API
+- Add a #with_connection API that allows checkin/checkout of a connection outside of a provided block.
+ Model.with_connection do |conn|
+ {
+ Model.connection = conn
+ # do something with conn
+ }
+ ....
+ end
+- Look at whether existing clear_* or verify_* methods can be deprecated or removed.

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