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scoped_by is deprecated in AR 4

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commit 545ee23f0a1e54b739b8b59cdc20e458b03c743f 1 parent b2e3539
@amatsuda amatsuda authored
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  1. +0 −6 activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb
6 activerecord/lib/active_record/base.rb
@@ -215,12 +215,6 @@ module ActiveRecord #:nodoc:
# That will either find an existing tag named "rails", or create a new one while setting the
# user that created it.
- # Just like <tt>find_by_*</tt>, you can also use <tt>scoped_by_*</tt> to retrieve data. The good thing about
- # using this feature is that the very first time result is returned using <tt>method_missing</tt> technique
- # but after that the method is declared on the class. Henceforth <tt>method_missing</tt> will not be hit.
- #
- # User.scoped_by_user_name('David')
- #
# == Saving arrays, hashes, and other non-mappable objects in text columns
# Active Record can serialize any object in text columns using YAML. To do so, you must
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