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Update 2.3 release notes with changes through March 6

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@@ -178,18 +178,6 @@ developers = Developer.find(:all, :group => "salary",
* Lead Contributor: "Emilio Tagua":
-h4. Hash Conditions for has_many relationships
-You can once again use a hash in conditions for a +has_many+ relationship:
-has_many :orders, :conditions => {:status => 'confirmed'}
-That worked in Rails 2.1, fails in Rails 2.2, and will now work again in Rails 2.3 (if you're dealing with this issue in Rails 2.2, you can use a string rather than a hash to specify conditions).
-* Lead Contributor: "Frederick Cheung":
h4. Reconnecting MySQL Connections
MySQL supports a reconnect flag in its connections - if set to true, then the client will try reconnecting to the server before giving up in case of a lost connection. You can now set +reconnect = true+ for your MySQL connections in +database.yml+ to get this behavior from a Rails application. The default is +false+, so the behavior of existing applications doesn't change.
@@ -310,6 +298,8 @@ h4. Localized Views
Rails can now provide localized views, depending on the locale that you have set. For example, suppose you have a +Posts+ controller with a +show+ action. By default, this will render +app/views/posts/show.html.erb+. But if you set +I18n.locale = :da+, it will render +app/views/posts/show.da.html.erb+. If the localized template isn't present, the undecorated version will be used. Rails also includes +I18n#available_locales+ and +I18n::SimpleBackend#available_locales+, which return an array of the translations that are available in the current Rails project.
+In addition, you can use the same scheme to localize the rescue files in the +public+ directory: +public/500.da.html+ or +public/404.en.html+ work, for example.
h4. Partial Scoping for Translations
A change to the translation API makes things easier and less repetitive to write key translations within partials. If you call +translate(".foo")+ from the +people/index.html.erb+ template, you'll actually be calling +I18n.translate("")+ If you don't prepend the key with a period, then the API doesn't scope, just as before.
@@ -442,6 +432,34 @@ returns
+h4. Disabled Option Tags for Form Select Helpers
+The form select helpers (such as +select+ and +options_for_select+) now support a +:disabled+ option, which can take a single value or an array of values to be disabled in the resulting tags:
+select(:post, :category, Post::CATEGORIES, :disabled => ‘private‘)
+<select name=“post[category]“>
+<option disabled=“disabled“>private</option>
+You can also use an anonymous function to determine at runtime which options will be disabled:
+options_from_collection_for_select(@product.sizes, :name, :id, :disabled => lambda{|size| size.out_of_stock?})
+* Lead Contributor: "Tekin Suleyman":
+* More Information: "New in rails 2.3 - disabled option tags and lambdas for selecting and disabling options from collections":
h4. A Note About Template Loading
Rails 2.3 includes the ability to enable or disable cached templates for any particular environment. Cached templates give you a speed boost because they don't check for a new template file when they're rendered - but they also mean that you can't replace a template "on the fly" without restarting the server.
@@ -546,6 +564,8 @@ h4. Other Railties Changes
* Rails Guides have been converted from AsciiDoc to Textile markup.
* Scaffolded views and controllers have been cleaned up a bit.
* +script/server+ now accepts a <tt>--path</tt> argument to mount a Rails application from a specific path.
+* If any configured gems are missing, the gem rake tasks will skip loading much of the environment. This should solve many of the "chicken-and-egg" problems where rake gems:install couldn't run because gems were missing.
+* Gems are now unpacked exactly once. This fixes issues with gems (hoe, for instance) which are packed with read-only permissions on the files.
h3. Deprecated

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