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standarize documentation (and indirectly code) to use American Englis…

…h as discussed in 4f234bf

Please do not perform monster patches for this until 3.1 is out.
Also, no existing API should be affected by this. New code, local
variables, etc. would follow this guideline to have a consistent
project tree in this regard.
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fxn committed May 31, 2011
1 parent 5888507 commit 576f712380c5c02994ee14ff563c48d529b37881
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@@ -33,6 +33,10 @@ Spell names correctly: Arel, Test::Unit, RSpec, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript, ERB. Wh
Use the article "an" for "SQL", as in "an SQL statement". Also "an SQLite database".
+h3. English
+Please use American English (_color_, _center_, _modularize_, etc.). See "a list of American and British English spelling differences here":
h3. Example Code
Choose meaningful examples that depict and cover the basics as well as interesting points or gotchas.

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tenderlove replied May 31, 2011



sikachu replied May 31, 2011

Nice commit message there


TheEmpty replied Jun 1, 2011

Because if it ain't American, you're doing it wrong ♥


tenderlove replied Jun 1, 2011

We love you @fxn!!!


Good to see this. I'm so sick of my screen real estate being wasted because of those damn extra "u"s.

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