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no need to explain bundler and rails new in the release notes. [ci skip]

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[Upgrading to Rails](upgrading_ruby_on_rails.html#upgrading-from-rails-4-0-to-rails-4-1)
-Creating a Rails 4.1 application
-You should have the 'rails' RubyGem installed
-$ rails new myapp
-$ cd myapp
-### Vendoring Gems
-Rails uses a `Gemfile` in the application root to determine the gems you require
-for your application to start. This `Gemfile` is processed by the
-[Bundler]( gem, which then installs all your
-dependencies. It can even install all the dependencies locally to your
-application so that it doesn't depend on the system gems.
-More information: [Bundler homepage](
-### Living on the Edge
-`Bundler` and `Gemfile` makes freezing your Rails application easy as pie with
-the new dedicated `bundle` command. If you want to bundle straight from the Git
-repository, you can pass the `--edge` flag:
-$ rails new myapp --edge
-If you have a local checkout of the Rails repository and want to generate an
-application using that, you can pass the `--dev` flag:
-$ ruby /path/to/rails/railties/bin/rails new myapp --dev
Major Features

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fxn commented on 598779b Nov 28, 2013

👍 for some reason these got carried in previous versions. Release notes should cover them only if there is something new in that area, as anything else.

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