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Correct link for model generator field types

The most complete list of field types appears in the `SchemaStatements` docs rather than the `TableDefinition` docs.

The change to link to `SchemaStatements` means that the explanation for the `index` parameter is no longer available on the linked-to page. A brief explanation of the `index` parameter is added directly in the guide to make up for this.
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@@ -209,7 +209,7 @@ Description:
Create rails files for model generator.
NOTE: For a list of available field types, refer to the [API documentation]( for the column method for the `TableDefinition` class.
NOTE: For a list of available field types for the `type` parameter, refer to the [API documentation]( for the add_column method for the `SchemaStatements` module. The `index` parameter generates a corresponding index for the column.
But instead of generating a model directly (which we'll be doing later), let's set up a scaffold. A **scaffold** in Rails is a full set of model, database migration for that model, controller to manipulate it, views to view and manipulate the data, and a test suite for each of the above.

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