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Add tip about using RDoc's --pipe command to quickly test the output of

a piece of documentation.

This can be useful for trying out combinations of markup and code, as
discussed in rails/rails@225bcad
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zzak committed Feb 11, 2014
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@@ -215,6 +215,13 @@ ordinary method names, symbols, paths (with forward slashes), etc. Please use
`<tt>...</tt>` for everything else, notably class or module names with a
namespace as in `<tt>ActiveRecord::Base</tt>`.
+You can quickly test the RDoc output with the following command:
+$ echo "+:to_param+" | rdoc --pipe
+#=> <p><code>:to_param</code></p>
### Regular Font
When "true" and "false" are English words rather than Ruby keywords use a regular font:

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