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Deprecate config.threadsafe!
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josevalim committed Aug 21, 2012
1 parent 2801786 commit 5d416b907864d99af55ebaa400fff217e17570cd
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@@ -87,6 +87,10 @@ end

* +config.dependency_loading+ is a flag that allows you to disable constant autoloading setting it to false. It only has effect if +config.cache_classes+ is true, which it is by default in production mode. This flag is set to false by +config.threadsafe!+.

* +config.eager_load+ when true, eager loads all registered `config.eager_load_namespaces`. This includes your application, engines, Rails frameworks and any other registered namespace.

* +config.eager_load_namespaces+ registers namespaces that are eager loaded when +config.eager_load+ is true. All namespaces in the list must respond to the +eager_load!+ method.

* +config.eager_load_paths+ accepts an array of paths from which Rails will eager load on boot if cache classes is enabled. Defaults to every folder in the +app+ directory of the application.

* +config.encoding+ sets up the application-wide encoding. Defaults to UTF-8.
@@ -125,10 +129,6 @@ config.session_store :my_custom_store

This custom store must be defined as +ActionDispatch::Session::MyCustomStore+. In addition to symbols, they can also be objects implementing a certain API, like +ActiveRecord::SessionStore+, in which case no special namespace is required.

* +config.threadsafe!+ enables +cache_classes+ and +eager_load+ to make the application threadsafe.

WARNING: Threadsafe operation is incompatible with the normal workings of development mode Rails. In particular, automatic dependency loading and class reloading are automatically disabled when you call +config.threadsafe!+.

* +config.time_zone+ sets the default time zone for the application and enables time zone awareness for Active Record.

* +config.whiny_nils+ enables or disables warnings when a certain set of methods are invoked on +nil+ and it does not respond to them. Defaults to true in development and test environments.
@@ -746,13 +746,13 @@ The error occurred while evaluating nil.each

*+build_middleware_stack+* Builds the middleware stack for the application, returning an object which has a +call+ method which takes a Rack environment object for the request.

*+eager_load!+* If +config.cache_classes+ is true, runs the +config.before_eager_load+ hooks and then calls +eager_load!+ which will load all the Ruby files from +config.eager_load_paths+.
*+eager_load!+* If +config.eager_load+ is true, runs the +config.before_eager_load+ hooks and then calls +eager_load!+ which will load all +config.eager_load_namespaces+.

*+finisher_hook+* Provides a hook for after the initialization of process of the application is complete, as well as running all the +config.after_initialize+ blocks for the application, railties and engines.

*+set_routes_reloader+* Configures Action Dispatch to reload the routes file using +ActionDispatch::Callbacks.to_prepare+.

*+disable_dependency_loading+* Disables the automatic dependency loading if the +config.cache_classes+ is set to true and +config.dependency_loading+ is set to false.
*+disable_dependency_loading+* Disables the automatic dependency loading if the +config.eager_load+ is set to true.

h3. Database pooling

@@ -5,6 +5,8 @@
default_url_options[:script_name] to set proper application's mount point by
yourself. *Piotr Sarnacki*

* `config.threadsafe!` is deprecated in favor of `config.eager_load` which provides a more fine grained control on what is eager loaded *José Valim*

* The migration generator will now produce AddXXXToYYY/RemoveXXXFromYYY migrations with references statements, for instance

rails g migration AddReferencesToProducts user:references supplier:references{polymorphic}
@@ -90,11 +90,10 @@ def paths

# Enable threaded mode. Allows concurrent requests to controller actions and
# multiple database connections. Also disables automatic dependency loading
# after boot, and disables reloading code on every request, as these are
# fundamentally incompatible with thread safety.
def threadsafe!
ActiveSupport::Deprecation.warn "config.threadsafe! is deprecated. Rails applications " \
"behave by default as thread safe in production as long as config.cache_classes and " \
"config.eager_load are set to true"
@cache_classes = true
@eager_load = true
@@ -139,34 +139,31 @@ def teardown
assert_instance_of Pathname, Rails.root

test "marking the application as threadsafe sets the correct config variables" do
test "initialize an eager loaded, cache classes app" do
add_to_config <<-RUBY
config.eager_load = true
config.cache_classes = true

require "#{app_path}/config/application"
assert AppTemplate::Application.config.cache_classes
assert AppTemplate::Application.config.eager_load
assert AppTemplate::Application.initialize!

test "initialize a threadsafe app" do
add_to_config <<-RUBY

test "application is always added to eager_load namespaces" do
require "#{app_path}/config/application"
assert AppTemplate::Application.initialize!
assert AppTemplate::Application, AppTemplate::Application.config.eager_load_namespaces

test "asset_path defaults to nil for application" do
require "#{app_path}/config/environment"
assert_equal nil, AppTemplate::Application.config.asset_path

test "the application can be marked as threadsafe when there are no frameworks" do
test "the application can be eager loaded even when there are no frameworks" do
add_to_config <<-RUBY
config.eager_load = true
config.cache_classes = true

use_frameworks []

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