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Needed to update release notes too

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@@ -568,6 +568,8 @@ Action Mailer has been given a new API with TMail being replaced out with the ne
* The +mail+ delivery method acts in a similar way to Action Controller's +respond_to+, and you can explicitly or implicitly render templates. Action Mailer will turn the email into a multipart email as needed.
* You can pass a proc to the <tt>format.mime_type</tt> calls within the mail block and explicitly render specific types of text, or add layouts or different templates. The +render+ call inside the proc is from Abstract Controller and supports the same options.
* What were mailer unit tests have been moved to functional tests.
+* ActionMailer now delegates all auto encoding of header fields and bodies to Mail Gem
+* ActionMailer will auto encode email bodies and headers for you
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