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@@ -184,6 +184,12 @@ this gem such as `whitelist_attributes` or `mass_assignment_sanitizer` options.
* `find_or_initialize_by_...` becomes `find_or_initialize_by(...)`.
* `find_or_create_by_...` becomes `find_or_create_by(...)`.
+* Note that `where(...)` returns a relation, not an array like the old finders. If you require an `Array`, use `where(...).to_a`.
+* These equivalent methods may not execute the same SQL as the previous implementation.
+* To re-enable the old finders, you can use the [activerecord-deprecated_finders gem](
### Active Resource
Rails 4.0 extracted Active Resource to its own gem. If you still need the feature you can add the [Active Resource gem]( in your Gemfile.

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