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@@ -345,6 +345,15 @@ Please refer to the [Changelog][action-pack] for detailed changes.
* Deprecated `:controller` and `:action` path parameters.
([Pull Request](
* Deprecated env method on controller instances.
* `ActionDispatch::ParamsParser` is deprecated and was removed from the
middleware stack. To configure the parameter parsers use
### Notable changes
* Added `ActionController::Renderer` to render arbitrary templates
@@ -438,13 +447,6 @@ Please refer to the [Changelog][action-view] for detailed changes.
supported by I18n.
([Pull Request](
### Deprecations
* Deprecated `datetime_field` and `datetime_field_tag` helpers.
Datetime input type was removed from HTML specification.
One can use `datetime_local_field` and `datetime_local_field_tag` instead.
([Pull Request](
### Notable Changes
* Changed the default template handler from `ERB` to `Raw`.
@@ -464,6 +466,10 @@ Please refer to the [Changelog][action-view] for detailed changes.
* Partial template name no longer has to be a valid Ruby identifier.
* The `datetime_tag` helper now generates an input tag with the type of
([Pull Request](
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