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Add info about caching an action with or without the layout

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7 railties/doc/guides/caching/caching_with_rails.txt
@@ -113,6 +113,13 @@ class ProductController < ActionController
+And you can also use :if (or :unless) to pass a Proc that specifies when the
+action should be cached. Also, you can use :layout => false to cache without
+layout so that dynamic information in the layout such as logged in user info
+or the number of items in the cart can be left uncached. This feature is
+available as of Rails 2.2.
[More: more examples? Walk-through of action caching from request to response?
Description of Rake tasks to clear cached files? Show example of
subdomain caching? Talk about :cache_path, :if and assing blocks/Procs

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