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Adds the Rails maintenance policy to the Guides
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*Sıtkı Bağdat*
+* Added the Rails maintenance policy to the guides.
+ *Matias Korhonen*
Please check [4-0-stable]( for previous changes.
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name: Ruby on Rails Guides Guidelines
url: ruby_on_rails_guides_guidelines.html
description: This guide documents the Ruby on Rails guides guidelines.
+ name: Maintenance Policy
+ documents:
+ -
+ name: Maintenance Policy
+ url: maintenance_policy.html
+ description: What versions of Ruby on Rails are currently supported, and when to expect new versions.
name: Release Notes
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+Maintenance policy for Ruby on Rails
+Since the most recent patch releases there has been some confusion about what
+versions of Ruby on Rails are currently supported, and when people
+can expect new versions. Our maintenance policy is as follows.
+Support of the Rails framework is divided into four groups: New features, bug
+fixes, security issues, and severe security issues. They are handled as
+follows, all versions in x.y.z format:
+New Features
+New Features are only added to the master branch and will not be made available
+in point releases.
+Bug fixes
+Only the latest release series will receive bug fixes. When enough bugs are
+fixed and its deemed worthy to release a new gem, this is the branch it happens
+**Currently included series:** 4.0.z
+Security issues:
+The current release series and the next most recent one will receive patches
+and new versions in case of a security issue.
+These releases are created by taking the last released version, applying the
+security patches, and releasing. Those patches are then applied to the end of
+the x-y-stable branch. For example, a theoretical 1.2.3 security release would
+be built from 1.2.2, and then added to the end of 1-2-stable. This means that
+security releases are easy to upgrade to if you're running the latest version
+of Rails.
+**Currently included series:** 4.0.z, 3.2.z
+Severe security issues:
+For severe security issues we will provide new versions as above, and also the
+last major release series will receive patches and new versions. The
+classification of the security issue is judged by the core team.
+**Currently included series:** 4.0.z, 3.2.z
+Unsupported Release Series
+When a release series is no longer supported, it's your own responsibility to
+deal with bugs and security issues. We may provide back-ports of the fixes and
+publish them to git, however there will be no new versions released. If you are
+not comfortable maintaining your own versions, you should upgrade to a
+supported version.

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