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Merge pull request #30949 from bogdanvlviv/add-30850-to-changelog

Add changelog entry about new `allow_other_host` option for `redirect_back` method
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eileencodes committed Oct 22, 2017
2 parents 1ca6710 + 75597f0 commit 6525e7fb2e534a6564438008f9c02cf29eb37483
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* Add `:allow_other_host` option to `redirect_back` method.
When `allow_other_host` is set to `false`, the `redirect_back`
will not allow a redirecting from a different host.
`allow_other_host` is `true` by default.
*Tim Masliuchenko*
* Add headless chrome support to System Tests.
*Yuji Yaginuma*

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