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@@ -65,7 +65,6 @@ Aside from Rails Upgrade tool, if you need more help, there are people on IRC an
More information - "The Path to Rails 3: Approaching the upgrade":
h3. Creating a Rails 3.0 application
The new installing rails sequence (for the beta) is:
@@ -82,32 +81,30 @@ Rails now uses a +Gemfile+ in the application root to determine the gems you req
More information: - "bundler README on Github":
h4. Living on the Edge
+Bundler+ and +Gemfile+ makes freezing your Rails application easy as pie with the new dedicated <tt>bundle</tt> command, so <tt>rake freeze</tt> is no longer relevant and has been dropped.
-If you want to bundle straight from the Git repository, you can pass the edge flag:
+If you want to bundle straight from the Git repository, you can pass the +--edge+ flag:
$ rails myapp --edge
-More information:
-* "Spinning up a new Rails app":
-* "Rails 3 and Passenger":
+If you have a local checkout of the Rails repository and want to generate an application using that, you can pass the +--dev+ flag:
+$ ruby /path/to/rails/railties/bin/rails myapp --dev
h3. Rails Architectural Changes
There are six major changes in the architecture of Rails.
h4. Railties Restrung
Railties was updated to provide a consistent plugin API for the entire Rails framework as well as a total rewrite of generators and the Rails bindings, the result is that developers can now hook into any significant stage of the generators and application framework in a consistent, defined manner.
h4. All Rails core components are decoupled
With the merge of Merb and Rails, one of the big jobs was to remove the tight coupling between Rails core components. This has now been achieved, and all Rails core components are now using the same API that you can use for developing plugins. This means any plugin you make, or any core component replacement (like DataMapper or Sequel) can access all the functionality that the Rails core components have access to and extend and enhance at will.

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