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Advertise autoflush option in production template

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1 parent 0f3d426 commit 681a574cbec8dba45b92f007cff781f8630090a4 @felixbuenemann felixbuenemann committed Feb 10, 2012
@@ -35,4 +35,7 @@
# Expands the lines which load the assets.
config.assets.debug = true
<%- end -%>
+ # Disable automatic flushing of the log to improve performance.
+ config.autoflush_log = false
atambo Feb 23, 2012 Contributor

Your commit message says production template but this is the development template...I think this makes more sense in the production template.

felixbuenemann Feb 23, 2012 Contributor

@atambo I've read the code a couple of times but didn't spot that. I'll supply a fix as PR.

felixbuenemann Feb 23, 2012 Contributor

@atambo done, submitted PR gh-5140


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