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Add .empty files to empty directories so git preserves them.

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1 parent cf32baf commit 6ccfc0ebdedb53794c4981521c4299d842caf896 @josh josh committed Apr 22, 2008

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why not use .gitignore files instead?

josh commented on 6ccfc0e Apr 24, 2008

git doesn’t track empty folders, we need to put a dummy file there so the tests pass.


it’s common to put a empty .gitignore file in empty folders, think than was his point


Yeah, just rename .empty to .gitignore, it’s a good practice.


I heard using .gitignore was standard practice and have been doing it as well. It makes sense to me, because it lets you know the reason the files are there.

josh commented on 6ccfc0e Apr 24, 2008


nate commented on 6ccfc0e Apr 24, 2008

to add .gitignore files to all empty directories recursively from your current directory
find . ( -type d -empty ) -and ( -not -regex ./.git.\* ) -exec touch {}/.gitignore \;

andmej commented on 6ccfc0e Sep 10, 2008

Nice trick, nate!

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