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Fixed asset_url in asset_pipeline doc

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1 parent 5632541 commit 6e09ea95c251c5c4f567d7b5aa6b8e32c106896c @emachnic emachnic committed with fxn Jul 19, 2011
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@@ -161,8 +161,8 @@ When using the asset pipeline, paths to assets must be re-written and +sass-rail
The more generic form can also be used but the asset path and class must both be specified:
-* +asset_url("rails.png", image)+ becomes +url(/assets/rails.png)+
-* +asset_path("rails.png", image)+ becomes +"/assets/rails.png"+
+* +asset_url("rails.png", "image")+ becomes +url(/assets/rails.png)+
+* +asset_path("rails.png", "image")+ becomes +"/assets/rails.png"+
h4. Manifest Files and Directives

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