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add missing entry for #allow_active_record_expects

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commit 7093c9aaab514398e757cb22a44d134cbab95068 1 parent 654370d
Leon Breedt authored March 02, 2005

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2  actionwebservice/CHANGELOG
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 *0.6.0* (Unreleased)
2 2
+* Add <tt>ActionWebService::API::Base.allow_active_record_expects</tt> option, with a default of false. Setting this to true will allow specifying ActiveRecord::Base model classes in <tt>:expects</tt>. API writers should take care to validate the received ActiveRecord model objects when turning it on, and/or have an authentication mechanism in place to reduce the security risk.
3 5
 * Improve error message reporting. Bugs in either AWS or the web service itself will send back a protocol-specific error report message if possible, otherwise, provide as much detail as possible.
4 6
5 7
 * Removed type checking of received parameters, and perform casting for XML-RPC if possible, but fallback to the received parameters if casting fails, closes #677

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