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Fixed typo in active record's changelog

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dimko committed Mar 4, 2013
1 parent 2e28045 commit 71e4dfc9f40107922d656fbd8ea89a1f45569f2c
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* Added functionality to unscope relations in a relations chain. For
instance, if you are passed in a chain of relations as follows:
- "John").order('id DESC')
+ User.where(name: "John").order('id DESC')
but you want to get rid of order, then this feature allows you to do:
- "John").order("id DESC").unscope(:order)
- == "John")
+ User.where(name: "John").order('id DESC').unscope(:order)
+ == User.where(name: "John")
The .unscope() function is more general than the .except() method because
.except() only works on the relation it is acting on. However, .unscope()

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