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There is no config.action_mailer.template_root method for Rails 3

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radar authored and fxn committed Nov 26, 2010
1 parent a6a50c2 commit 723d3e22d5f318a62fd6cbcb9075a1835d09754f
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@@ -175,8 +175,6 @@ h4. Configuring Action Mailer
There are a number of settings available on +config.action_mailer+:
-* +config.action_mailer.template_root+ gives the root folder for Action Mailer templates.
* +config.action_mailer.logger+ accepts a logger conforming to the interface of Log4r or the default Ruby 1.8+ Logger class, which is then used to log information from Action Mailer. Set to nil to disable logging.
* +config.action_mailer.smtp_settings+ allows detailed configuration for the +:smtp+ delivery method. It accepts a hash of options, which can include any of these options:

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