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database: db/development.sqlite3
+h5. Configuring an Mysql Database for Jruby Platform
+If you choose to use Mysql and using Jruby, your +config/database.yml+ will look a little different. Here's the development section:
+ adapter: jdbcmysql
+ database: blog_development
+ username: root
+ password:
TIP: You don't have to update the database configurations manually. If you had a look at the options of application generator, you have seen that one of them is named <tt>--database</tt>. It lets you choose an adapter for couple of most used relational databases. You can even run the generator repeatedly: <tt>cd .. && rails new blog --database=mysql</tt>. When you confirm the overwriting of the +config/database.yml+ file, your application will be configured for MySQL instead of SQLite.
h4. Creating the Database

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