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AR: use where in place of find

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vijaydev authored and fxn committed Jun 19, 2011
1 parent 421841d commit 741a417c728a52d5707aba6fbd88b7ee049302f1
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@@ -1120,11 +1120,9 @@ h6(#has_many-collection-find). <tt><em>collection</em>.find(...)</tt>
The <tt><em>collection</em>.find</tt> method finds objects within the collection. It uses the same syntax and options as +ActiveRecord::Base.find+.
-@open_orders = @customer.orders.all(:conditions => "open = 1")
+@open_orders = @customer.orders.where(:open => 1)
-NOTE: Starting Rails 3, supplying options to +ActiveRecord::Base.find+ method is discouraged. Use <tt><em>collection</em>.where</tt> instead when you need to pass conditions.
h6(#has_many-collection-where). <tt><em>collection</em>.where(...)</tt>
The <tt><em>collection</em>.where</tt> method finds objects within the collection based on the conditions supplied but the objects are loaded lazily meaning that the database is queried only when the object(s) are accessed.

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