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Formally deprecate the non-namespaced rake tasks. [Koz]

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1 parent 29cec6d commit 7466c1125c907ad9b9391331809c749ccb3d1c78 @NZKoz NZKoz committed Sep 4, 2006
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  1. +2 −0 railties/CHANGELOG
  2. +34 −27 railties/lib/tasks/pre_namespace_aliases.rake
@@ -1,5 +1,7 @@
+* Formally Deprecate the old rake tasks. [Koz]
* Thoroughly test the FCGI dispatcher. #5970 [Kevin Clark]
* Remove Dir.chdir in the Webrick DispatchServlet#initialize method. Fix bad path errors when trying to load config/routes.rb. [Rick Olson]
@@ -1,46 +1,53 @@
+def deprecated_task(name, new_name)
+ task name=>new_name do
+ $stderr.puts "The rake task #{name} has been deprecated, please use the replacement version #{new_name}"
+ end
# clear
-task :clear_logs => "log:clear"
+deprecated_task :clear_logs, "log:clear"
# test
-task :recent => "test:recent"
-task :test_units => "test:units"
-task :test_functional => "test:functionals"
-task :test_plugins => "test:plugins"
+deprecated_task :recent, "test:recent"
+deprecated_task :test_units, "test:units"
+deprecated_task :test_functional, "test:functionals"
+deprecated_task :test_plugins, "test:plugins"
# doc
-task :appdoc => "doc:app"
-task :apidoc => "doc:rails"
-task :plugindoc => "doc:plugins"
-task :clobber_plugindoc => "doc:clobber_plugins"
+deprecated_task :appdoc, "doc:app"
+deprecated_task :apidoc, "doc:rails"
+deprecated_task :plugindoc, "doc:plugins"
+deprecated_task :clobber_plugindoc, "doc:clobber_plugins"
FileList['vendor/plugins/**'].collect { |plugin| File.basename(plugin) }.each do |plugin|
- task :"#{plugin}_plugindoc" => "doc:plugins:#{plugin}"
+ deprecated_task :"#{plugin}_plugindoc", "doc:plugins:#{plugin}"
# rails
-task :freeze_gems => "rails:freeze:gems"
-task :freeze_edge => "rails:freeze:edge"
-task :unfreeze_rails => "rails:unfreeze"
-task :add_new_scripts => "rails:update:scripts"
-task :update_javascripts => "rails:update:javascripts"
+deprecated_task :freeze_gems, "rails:freeze:gems"
+deprecated_task :freeze_edge, "rails:freeze:edge"
+deprecated_task :unfreeze_rails, "rails:unfreeze"
+deprecated_task :add_new_scripts, "rails:update:scripts"
+deprecated_task :update_javascripts, "rails:update:javascripts"
# db
-task :migrate => "db:migrate"
-task :load_fixtures => "db:fixtures:load"
+deprecated_task :migrate, "db:migrate"
+deprecated_task :load_fixtures, "db:fixtures:load"
-task :db_schema_dump => "db:schema:dump"
-task :db_schema_import => "db:schema:load"
+deprecated_task :db_schema_dump, "db:schema:dump"
+deprecated_task :db_schema_import, "db:schema:load"
-task :db_structure_dump => "db:structure:dump"
+deprecated_task :db_structure_dump, "db:structure:dump"
-task :purge_test_database => "db:test:purge"
-task :clone_schema_to_test => "db:test:clone"
-task :clone_structure_to_test => "db:test:clone_structure"
-task :prepare_test_database => "db:test:prepare"
+deprecated_task :purge_test_database, "db:test:purge"
+deprecated_task :clone_schema_to_test, "db:test:clone"
+deprecated_task :clone_structure_to_test, "db:test:clone_structure"
+deprecated_task :prepare_test_database, "db:test:prepare"
-task :create_sessions_table => "db:sessions:create"
-task :drop_sessions_table => "db:sessions:drop"
-task :purge_sessions_table => "db:sessions:recreate"
+deprecated_task :create_sessions_table, "db:sessions:create"
+deprecated_task :drop_sessions_table, "db:sessions:drop"
+deprecated_task :purge_sessions_table, "db:sessions:recreate"

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