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doc, pg `hstore` and `json` columns are mapped as `Hash`. [ci skip]

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@@ -393,6 +393,14 @@ start using the more precise `:plain:`, `:html`, and `:body` options instead.
Using `render :text` may pose a security risk, as the content is sent as

### PostgreSQL json and hstore datatypes

Rails 4.1 will map `json` and `hstore` columns to a string-keyed Ruby `Hash`.
In earlier versions a `HashWithIndifferentAccess` was used. This means that
symbol access is no longer supported. This is also the case for
`store_accessors` based on top of `json` or `hstore` columns. Make sure to use
string keys consistently.

Upgrading from Rails 3.2 to Rails 4.0

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